What’s up with the InboundHawk?   images

Inbound marketing meets the timeless symbol of observation and discernment, that’s right, the hawk.

Marketing today is all about understanding and being able to discern the mindset of the consumer. Gone are the days when marketers would forcefully engage consumers through interruptive advertising. We, yes us; the social media addicts, the talkers, the bloggers, the early adopters, the quick-to-clickers, the trendaholics: We all have the power to insta-influence.  We are now a marketer’s greatest tool (and sometimes worst nightmare) for publicity.

Why Ecommerce?

Ecommerce is one of the most revolutionary uses of the digital world; another tactical method to foster the human anxiety for instant gratification. How a company handles a customer’s online shopping journey and experience is an essential component of online business success.

Who am I?

I’m a consumer, just like you. Some days I’m happy with my shopping experience, others days I’m not. Online shopping is one of my best friends: I spend mindless hours battling with my shopping impulses and determining the rationale for why I can go a little over my spending budget for the month. I find understanding the science behind what makes us e-shoppers stay on a page or click the oh-so-tempting buy button fascinating.

I’m excited for the journey ahead with you to understand the method and mindset behind the clicker madness. Whether you’re a new business trying to understand the tricks of the online trade or just looking to gain more knowledge about  eCommerce, welcome.


Lisa Monteiro


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