What is a bounce rate?

This is a percentage used to show how often people enter a site and leave before exploring the site beyond the page on which they started or after having a single interaction.

What purpose does this metric serve?

It is important for online businesses to know their bounce rate to see if they are meeting the needs and expectations of their customers. A higher bounce rate means customers are not satisfied, not convinced, or not finding the information the need when interacting with your business online.

GoRocketFuel breaks down the bounce rate statistics into the following three categories:

Excellent: 26-40%

Average: 41-55%

Higher than average: 56-70%

There are many reasons why a person may not choose to stay on a website. According to SEJ the top internal factors that affect a bounce rate include:

  • Web design and usability
  • Website content
  • Website Navigation
  • Technical issues

Dilip Keshu, CEO of Born Group, explains the three factors that effect a bounce rate are recency, relevancy, and authority. Command your site by maintaining three factors of credibility to make sure people will want to engage with your site after just a few seconds of entering.

Make sure you maintain the best practices for building a user friendly site to keep your bounce rates low and your visitor satisfaction high.






Keep Your Bounce Rates Low: Recency, Relevancy and Authority

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