So, you’ve done all this work to drive traffic back to your website…curious web surfers click on your provided link, only to reach a page that doesn’t align with where they thought they’d end up… Your bounce rate just got higher.

Let’s talk effective landing pages.

At its core, a landing page is the web page that a user will arrive on when they enter your site. Depending on what you’re promoting and how you are promoting it, users will enter your site for different reasons from different platforms (i.e. search, social media, email, direct links).

The page must be consistent with the reason why people clicked the link in the first place: the campaign or call to action, advertised from that medium.

For example, if you were promoting a specific item, make sure the when the user clicks they are going to a page that explains more about that item, not your homepage.

Unbounce notes the two basic types of landing pages: Click Through and Lead Generation.

For an eCommerce site, the click through pages want to encourage customers to the final destination… the shopping cart. People should feel informed enough from the click through page that they are willing to move to the next step of the purchase decision making process (i.e. a sale promotion email, linking directly to page with the on sale items).

Lead Generation landing pages are used to collect data about a customer (i.e. email addresses), and explain to the user what they will receive in return of giving their information (i.e. member only promotions, free download or trial offer, insider tips, registrations for online seminars etc.).

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 11.26.51 PM



As with any online experience best practice, make sure simplicity and consistency carry through your landing pages. The reason why the person went to the page in the first place should be evident when they reach the landing page, in line with that specific call to action.

Utilize image, videos, customer comments, FAQs that will anticipate your consumer’s questions and desires, and excite through visual enticement.

You got them this far, how do you keep them?


Engage. Discern. Transcend.


When Your Consumer Finally Lands

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