Take time to strategize your company’s voice and distinguish how your brand communicates from the rest of the competition. Creating message cohesion through your images and words contributes to how a customer perceives you and how you sell your experience.

The most successful companies are those who brand themselves with a unique voice and consistently convey this through the images and words they choose to reach their target consumers.

Choose your words wisely

When you are communicating your site’s appeal it is important to ask yourself if you are meeting the emotional need of your audience. We want to hit the why instead of the what. Your word choices should subtly express how your product is going to satisfy a particular need. For example; using the word elite might satisfy your customers desire to achieve admiration, status or luxury.

How you choose to meet the emotional appeal of your consumer will have significant effects on your conversion rate: someone that came to browse, might turn into a paying customer, because your brand voice help them determine a need they wanted fulfilled.

Select your images carefully

Images optimize customer experience and offer a tangible way for them to connect with your business. Make sure all images used on your site are high quality: you risk losing credibility through third-rate pictures. Images will take your experience one step further; invest time in strategizing which ones to use and how to use them. Pictures are a great way to drive traffic: If the image is enticing, you will find the visits to your site increasing significantly.

“In an online store, customers think that the quality of a product image is more important than product-specific information (63%), a long description (54%) and ratings and reviews (53%).” Jeff Bullas

Let’s take Under Armour as an example:

Yes, the brand’s overarching goal is to sell their clothing, but their clothing alone is not what’s driving the company’s sales. Their quality apparel is simply the offspring of the reason why people are drawn to the company: because of the experience they offer. Their call to action communicates with our product, you’ll place above the competition, you will be better, meeting the needs of their athletic, competition-driven target consumer.

1) Word Choice:  “Everything Here Makes You Better” speaks to the brand’s emphasis on intense competition. It grabs the attention and speaks to the emotions  of those who desire to  prove their seriousness in athletics.


2) Image Selection: The image depicts four athletes intense and ready for a good fight. This correlates to the bold game-face sentiment created by the tag line and image together.  The experience would change significantly if the image chosen showed a track team smiling and running on a sunny day. Make sense?

3) Message Cohesion: The words and images match each other, to create a full, consistent experience. Customers now see the apparel as their ticket to athletic-driven success. Their product purchase stems from the brand’s entice to be a part of something bolder and better.

Find a consistent voice conveyed through your words, messages and images that meets the need of your target audience. Sell your experience well, and the sales will come.







Communicating Your E-ppeal: Image, Word and Message Cohesion

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